Responsibilities include:

  • Taking minutes at every E-Board meeting

  • Update and maintain Bronze Elegance E-board Calendar and Model Calendar

  • Sending weekly reminders for tasks that need to be completed before next E-Board meeting

  • Create and print program for day of show

  • Reserve rooms for events, model calls, and rehearsals

  • Monitor Bronze Elegance official email and flag important messages

  • Create interest list-serv and send informational emails for events and opportunities

  • Sign contracts for positions who are not authorized signers   

  • Finalize reservations with university (i.e. vehicles, equipment, etc)

  • Spearhead the recruitment of Vendors for day of show

  • Organize bi-monthly Bonding events for E-Board



Responsibilities include:

  • Create theme of the show and incorporate details, elements, scenes, and props that fit said theme

  • Create concepts/themes for E-board photo shoot and promotional shoot with models

  • Acts as the liaison between fashion directors, model directors, and creative directors to make sure the vision of the show fits everyone's needs

  • Create entire script and chooses “actors” for skits and videos (if this is a part of the concept or theme of the show)

  • Design show day agenda (With help of Model Directors and Fashion Directors)  

  • Recruit individuals for show production team to help on the day of the show


Responsibilities include:

  • Finalize show venue and act as lead contact person for the whole year

  • Contact staging and production vendors

  • Finalize any and all contracts and bookings pertaining to show day production

  • Recruit individuals for show production team to help out day of show

  • Work with External Affairs Directors to create VIP setup for show day


Responsibilities include:

  • Create entertainment ideas/ performers to place in or between scenes

  • Recruits individuals for show production team to help on the day of the show

  • Coordinatie all entertainment acts for the show

  • Contact a DJ and other music specialist for the show

  • Reserve venue spaces and DJ’s for the after party, model release party, and other parties throughout the year.

  • Reach out to celebrities to be special guests, featured models, or to give a shoutout on social media

  • Organize pre-show (timing, flow, acts)

  • Contact all photographers and videographers for the day of the show, the E-board shoot, and the promotional photo shoot for the show



Responsibilities include:

  • Sole contact person for the charity of choice to donate all funds to

  • Create and organize charity events for models and E-Board throughout the year

  • Acquire any materials and information needed for display about the charity

  • Contact sponsors to donate products for VIP bags, raffle items, and silent auction baskets.

  • Put together VIP Bags the day of show

  • Solidify caterer for VIP dinner

  • Ask for food donations to feed models, E-Board, and volunteers the day of show

  • Run a committee of 3-6 U of M students who are interested in assisting with the show



Responsibilities include:

  • Style the entire show while fitting under the theme

  • Contact fashion designers and stores to feature in the show

  • Fit, size, and style models

  • Contacting makeup artists and hair stylists for the day of show and promotional photoshoots and videos

  • Run a fashion committee of 3-6 U of M students who are interested in assisting with the fashion of the show



Responsibilities include:

  • Creating budget for show

  • Create Sponsorship Proposal that provides all essential information about the show and its purpose to secure funding

  • Maintain annual report of funds paid and received

  • Fund raise inside and outside the university: Must request funds from at least 50 organizations. Grants, and/or departments within and outside the university each school year

  • Make all purchases and payments

  • Ensure the division of funds is equitable for each E-Board member and their respective jobs

  • Retain funding for (1) next year’s petty start up cash (2) donation to the charity of choice

  • Run a finance committee of 3-6 U of M students who are interested in assisting with the funding of the show

  • Recommended Skill Set :

    • Previous Fundraising Experience

    • Budgetary Management

    • Microsoft Excel Proficiency



Responsibilities include:

  • Sole contact for the models who walk in the show

  • Conduct model selections and fashion runway rehearsals

  • Place models in different scenes throughout the show

  • Maintain order of models throughout rehearsals and the day of the show

  • Create and conduct model workshops



Responsibilities include:

  • Create flyers, social media pages and other forms of publicity for the show

    • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Website

    • Update all social media at least once a week in Fall Semester

    • Update all social media at least Twice a week in Jan- Feb

    • March and April post at least 4 times a week on all media

    • Two weeks before the show: post twice a day minimum

    • Constantly working to increase followers, minimum 10% increase from previous year

    • Post more frequent than the required amount during days preceding events by Bronze Elegance

    • Flyers must be created at least 2 weeks in advance for events and preview by the board. Main Flyer for the show should be created at least 1.5 months in advance

  • Maintain coverage of all media pertaining to the show

    • Manage all Press and Media personnel during the show

    • Create press badges and logistics/schedule for all press personnel that will be present the day of the show

  • Reserve any equipment needed for publicity and media production (cameras, video, etc)

  • Create creative and innovative promotional ideas to increase awareness about the Bronze Elegance organization and it’s organizational brand. 2 per semester

  • Recommended Skill Set:

    • Adobe Creative Suite Proficiency

    • Website Building

    • Photography  Skills

    • Social Media and Marketing Management


Responsibilities include: 

  • Capture all Bronze Elegance events 

  • Work with Creative Director to help create concepts for promotional shoots

  • *Portfolio Required*



All Executive Board meetings, Bronze Elegance events, and Model Rehearsals are required for each position.